Why rest days are important for a higher efficiency at work


Why rest days are important for a higher efficiency at work

We have heard it through our whole lives; you need to rest enough in order to perform your best.  Why rest days are important for a higher efficiency at work

We can feel it in our bodies and our brains when we had a good rest (whether if it is sleeping, taking a few days off or simply disconnecting from routine. And we can feel it just as much when we deprive our bodies for that much needed rest.

Today we are almost forced to push through the limits of our mental and physical strength. The hunger for productivity and success makes us prioritize our job and put more hours in and take them out from that off time.

What many people sadly refuses to realize, is that your productivity and the quality of our work is directly affected by that sleep and resting deprivation. And the more we push it the less efficient we are, so essentially, by avoiding that rest time to work more, we are only hurting our professional quality.

It is time to accept that it is not about how many hours we work, but how good and productive are we while we work. Someone highly efficient is not the one that works twice as many hours, but the person who gets done more in less amount of time. And how do we get that mental and physical agility? By keeping ourselves fresh and rested.

Why rest days are important for a higher efficiency at work

Here are some of the best results you will notice as soon as you start taking the time to rest properly:

  1. More done in less time

As we said before, when you are rested you will be more efficient by being able to tackle more things down in less time. Why? Simply because your brain will think faster. If you allow your body to rest, it will be in full force and 100% focused on what needs to be done, instead of dragging around trying to get something done.

  1. Make better decisions

If you are 100% focused and awake, you will be able to make better decisions based on the fact that you will have everything you need to consider in mind. We all forget about things easily when we are tired and exhausted, and it can affect us a lot, especially if we need to make important decisions on daily basis at work.

  1. Stay healthier

Yes, you can get sick if you don’t rest enough. Sleep deprivation, rushing or skipping lunchtime or simply not giving yourself the time to relax will result in your body responding with lower defenses, and physical responses. At the end of the day by not letting our system rest and recharge we are literally forcing things, and sooner or later your body will begin showing red flags.

  1. Rise your creativity

Have you ever noticed that some of our best ideas come up when we are relaxed or taking a break.

A mind that is not stressed and tired thinks faster and has the time to question things and push limits.

Keeping your brain fresh and rested will allow it to come up with better creative responses to the challenges you encounter, and that will make you shine.

  1. Concentrate more and better

If you sleep the amount of hours your body needs, you will be able to concentrate on the tasks you need to know better and for real. Otherwise your ability to focus and therefore your work performance will be extremely reduced.

So yes, allow yourself to catch a break, create a healthy routine that would let both your body and your brain to rest, disconnect and relax, so you can be ready to give the best of you at work and show the full extension of your abilities.