Which skills are the most popular amongst recruiters?


Which skills are the most popular amongst recruiters?

Facing the selection process for the position we desire is just as difficult as actually finding the right person for our project amongst a long list of apparently great candidates.

As much as we might think that recruiters look for super high specific skills of each professional field, the truth is that more and more, recruiters and therefore successful companies look for stronger soft skills.

What does that mean? Well soft skills are those that allow us to work better together with other people, to connect with clients and to communicate the right information properly.

It seems to be proven through experience, that as much as professional can be highly educated for the role and prepared in every one of the skills needed for the position, if they are not good at working in a team, communicating and socializing most likely they won’t become a strong asset for the project and will end up creating complications and disputes.

On the top of those soft skills is communication; your ability to share information in a productive way as well as your level of connection with different people.

Which skills are the most popular amongst recruiters?

Any past experience in consulting might even come across interesting when you are applying for a tech position. That doesn’t mean that you should include every summer job you ever had in your resume, but definitely consider dropping a comment during the interview to show that you know how to approach people.

They will also definitely value past experiences in which you started projects as an entrepreneur. Why? Well, because it shows your sense of leadership, as well as your determination to push a project forward.

A person that has dreams and follows them is a great team member, because will be able to recognize the moments the team need to fuel up with motivation.

Any past experiences in sales or marketing, regardless of its nature, will also show your costumer’s service skills. Knowing that we have in our team a person that connects with clients, and also knows what things to reinforce and promote to sell them the right service or product that also works for our company is a treasure in every office.

In that same line, hospitality skills will also show your future employers that you will be able to understand and take care of the clients properly besides being the best at your specific role. A bad situation during a project or a work process can end up even in a broken agreement and loosing a client. So definitely any recruiter will value that skill.

At the end of the day, what recruiters are looking for, besides a great education and professional experience in the field, is great humans that will also become strong members of a team and will be able to be productive beyond their specific tasks.

It is no longer about finding perfect working machines, but resourceful people that will take care of the project in every area and will help with a fluent communication amongst the team and with the client.

Also, if you feel like your professional experience is not as strong as you would wish, don’t be afraid to bring up academic achievements that could show some of these soft skills that recruiters are looking for. Event side jobs that you had while studying or other life experiences that will build a strong image of you when it comes to those soft skills we were mentioning before. If you can show them that best part of you, they might see in you the perfect piece for the puzzle.