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INLEA is fueled by the experience of great professionals. Therefore, we are happy to share the hottest news and publications as well as our agenda and the success of our team members.

smartphone camera productivity

How to use your smartphone camera to increase your productivity


We use our phone for many things related to our work but usually we use the camera to take pictures of friends and family and probably some selfies. But… we can use our camera as a potent tool to increase our productivity. Are you using your Smartphone camera to increase your productivity?   Nowdays we have thousand […]

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how to find the perfect candidate

How to find the perfect candidate?


How to find the perfect candidate? Historically hiring someone was based in few aspects as who has best skills, experience and ability to match a job. But there is much more than that! Since in Inlea we support our Worldwide Team members success we are sure that our selection processes are based on choosing the […]

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Tips for Business Travelers


Tips: Business Travelers Travelling can be an amazing experience but specially in our holidays break, but… what about our business trips? They can be so exciting as our leisure ones! The only thing you need a little bit of organization and time optimization. A little bit of help from our World Wide Team with their Tips […]

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Superblocks Barcelona

Barcelona’s Superblocks


Cities seem to have been designed specifically for cars, and most of the world’s most important cities are ruled by them, leaving pedestrians, bikers, and all other forms of human life forced to circulate through narrow lanes and sidewalks. In Barcelona are decided to change that with a new idea: Barcelona’s Superblocks. In the last […]

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4 Tips for creating the perfect home office


At Inlea, a lot of our team members work from home. Working from home can sound like a dream, however, it can sometimes be difficult to find motivation to get going and be as productive as possible. This is why it is key to set aside a specific place at home exclusively for work. Here […]

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The United States of America changes its corporate image


Inlea’s CEO, Xavier Simó, writes an article every fortnigh for Cronica Global. This is one of his most recent ones. When a company decides to relocate, or aim towards new markets, their corporate image tends to change. It is the result of a lengthy work process of the executive team helped by an external agency. […]

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3 Easy ways to help the environment


With Earth Day coming up this Saturday, we would like to shre 3 easy ways you can contribute to help the environmet:

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3 Things to know before visiting Peru


Peru has a population of approximately 30 million people. Roughly a quarter live in Lima, the capital, which is by far Peru’s largest city. Lima is by the sea, it has a wonderful gastronomic offer and exciting museums to visit.

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Inlea Team Members – Meet Marc Khayat


We want you to get to know our team members! The ones at our headquarters in Barcelona as well as the many others that work with us around the world. This month, meet Marc Khayat, Cisco Networking Academy Technical Manager for the MENA Region.

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