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INLEA is fueled by the experience of great professionals. Therefore, we are happy to share the hottest news and publications as well as our agenda and the success of our team members.


Inlea Success Story – Jose Pablo Esquivel


Inlea hired Jose Pablo Esquivel back in 2007 to take on an exciting and challenging role as the Area Technical Manager of Latin America for Cisco NetAcad, to give technical support to all related NetAcad events and projects throughout the territory.

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3 Tips For Business Travels


In this ever changing, growing and digitalized economy, business travellers are no longer suited-up, briefcase-carrying, serious individuals. As more Millennials enter the workforce and more businesses choose to conduct business face-to-face, there’s all types of business travellers out there.

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Inlea – Supporting our teams success through programming training


Remember when we talked about how programming has become an extremely sought out skill in the past few years and how scientists are seeing themselves forced to learn how to code in last Tuesday’s post?

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World Health Day: Promising Healthcare Technologies Of 2017


Today is World Health Day, and to celebrate, we want to talk about game-changing healthcare technologies that will take 2017 by storm.

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Coding will be one of the most in-demand skills for all sorts of jobs in the future


Burning Glass, a job market analytics firm, carried out a study last summer to find out that over seven million bob openings in the previous year required coding skills, seeing general programming jobs rise 12% faster than the market average. Their report can be found here. The results come from researchers broadening the scope of […]

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Inlea will collaborate with PUE to support Academy Cube in Spain


At Inlea we are proud to announce our collaboration, together with PUE; a private initiative specialised in ITC training, certifying and consulting since 1998, with Academy Cube, a German online platform for training and job applications, to support the development of their project in Spain.

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Generosity is capitalist


Inlea’s CEO, Xavier Simó, writes an article every fortnigh for Cronica Global. Here is the most recent one that has been published. This time, he wrote about how generosity is capitalist.
My family and the school I went to educated me to worry me about loving: love God, love your parents, love your family, love your neighbor, etc. Additionally, I had to love things and make an effort to get them. And that effort was always individualist: if you love studying, you will have a degree and find work; if you love your job, you will be promoted within the company; etc. At the end, to love was a selfish thing, and society allowed it.

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How Many People Are There In Space Right Now?


At Inlea we are a big family living all around the world, so we are always concernd about the people living on the planet, but we don’t stop there, we also care about those who aren’t on Earth! We also love cool facts, so we have decided it would be a great idea to share […]

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3 Tips for moving to Barcelona with your family


At Inlea we are experienced in moving people around the globe. We are currently in the process of relocating a team member from Russia over to Barcelona together with his wife and two kids. Here is some advice for moving to Barcelona with you family:

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