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INLEA is fueled by the experience of great professionals. Therefore, we are happy to share the hottest news and publications as well as our agenda and the success of our team members.

Inlea will collaborate with PUE to support Academy Cube in Spain


At Inlea we are proud to announce our collaboration, together with PUE; a private initiative specialised in ITC training, certifying and consulting since 1998, with Academy Cube, a German online platform for training and job applications, to support the development of their project in Spain.

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Generosity is capitalist


Inlea’s CEO, Xavier Simó, writes an article every fortnigh for Cronica Global. Here is the most recent one that has been published. This time, he wrote about how generosity is capitalist.
My family and the school I went to educated me to worry me about loving: love God, love your parents, love your family, love your neighbor, etc. Additionally, I had to love things and make an effort to get them. And that effort was always individualist: if you love studying, you will have a degree and find work; if you love your job, you will be promoted within the company; etc. At the end, to love was a selfish thing, and society allowed it.

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How Many People Are There In Space Right Now?


At Inlea we are a big family living all around the world, so we are always concernd about the people living on the planet, but we don’t stop there, we also care about those who aren’t on Earth! We also love cool facts, so we have decided it would be a great idea to share […]

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3 Tips for moving to Barcelona with your family


At Inlea we are experienced in moving people around the globe. We are currently in the process of relocating a team member from Russia over to Barcelona together with his wife and two kids. Here is some advice for moving to Barcelona with you family:

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Inlea: Supporting Our Team’s Success In Colombia


At Inlea we strive to support our team’s success in as many ways as possible. For this reason, we recently sponsored this video for our team members in Colombia, who work for Cisco, to bring awareness to the Cisco Network Academy Program’s alliance with the Inclusive Rehabilitation Centre of the National Ministry of Defence and the National Learning Service, to support the peace and post-conflict process in Colombia.

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Hospitals are using virtual reality to aid patient’s pain


According to a study published in Current Biology in May of 2012, mental distraction makes pain easier to process and endure. The findings of the study, based on high-resolution spinal fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) as people experienced painful levels of heat, show that mental distractions actually inhibit the response to incoming pain signals at the earliest stage of central pain processing.

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5 Tings To Know Before Travelling To Munich


Some of Inlea’s team members live in Munich, Germany. So we’ve put together some information on the city and things you need to know if you are travelling to pay them a visit!
Munich is the largest city and the capital of the German Southern State of Bavaria. It is the third largest city in Germany after Berlin and Hamburg with a population of approximately 1.5 million. The city is just north of the Bavarian Alps and the river Isa flows through it.

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My Wife Is a Data Storm


My wife lately asks questions like: “why does Facebook want to be a bank?”, or “why has Microsoft bought Linkedin when they sell word processors?”, or “why is Amazon producing TV series and films if it is an online store?”, “what is happening?”

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5 Tips to nail a video conference interview


Times are moving towards digitalization more than ever, this means that an increasing number of recruiters are choosing to carry out video conference interviews as opposed to the good old face-to-face method in order to simplify candidate screening and make the interview process more cost-effective.

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