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Best uses for chatbots


Chatbots have evolved significantly in recent times, thanks to the artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) that powers them. They’re now extremely sophisticated and versatile tools that can help you to schedule meetings, tell you the weather, and provide customer support. And that’s just the beginning. Here are a few of the most notable examples of how to […]

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Questions for a selling meeting


If you spend your sales appointments giving a lecture about your product and how great it is, you’re using a presentation style that will cost you a lot of sales. A much more effective approach is to ask questions that draw your prospect out. When you ask the right questions in the right way, you […]

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How to Reduce Stress When You Work From Home


Running a home business offers freedom and flexibility of being your own boss, but also, it’s fraught with frustration and anxiety that can lead to stress. Recent studies have revealed that people who work from home tend to work longer hours than those who work in an office. This might mean the extra hours you […]

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Common mistakes of a bot


Creating a chatbot is no walk in the park. Although chatbot platforms allow companies to make bots powered by artificial intelligence in just a matter of minutes, mistakes are still made, like not giving the chatbot a unique name or forgetting to tell customers they are speaking to a chatbot and not a human. Everything needs to […]

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System consulting and IoT


Companies looking to address the challenges of developing end-to-end solutions in the Internet of Things (IoT) are increasingly becoming system integrators as partners to implement these solutions. In fact, ABI Research predicts that IoT systems integration and consulting revenue will grow beyond $ 35.7 billion in 2022 from just $ 17 billion in 2017. That […]

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5 ways to be a selling superstar on LinkedIn


The best sales people never look like they’re selling anything at all. For sales people, it’s important to have the ability to form long-lasting relationships with potential buyers and ultimately earn their trust. When it comes down to your online sales method’s it’s important that you present yourself in a professional manner, as well as being […]

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European “Skill-Matching” Platform: Prototype available free of charge for the first time.


The EU project OpenSKIMR is designed to help reduce unemployment across Europe. Based on a specially developed algorithm, the platform “matches” the personal data of a user with career opportunities and suggests suitable further training to the user. After one and a half years of intensive research and development at the Management Center Innsbruck (MCI), […]

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For what to use a bot?


As we see the ecosystem continue to develop, bots are increasingly showcasing a wide variety of features, from chat to menus to buttons and visual interfaces. Some bots now almost look like full-fledged apps with a variety of feature-rich options. So it begs the question… what exactly is a “bot”? At the beginning, bots were […]

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AI in education


Artificial intelligence is coming to a classroom near you — and not as a replacement for teachers. There have been a lot of digital “next big things” in education over the years — everything from the Apple to online learning. The latest is artificial intelligence education tech (AI), and only time will tell what impact […]

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