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INLEA is fueled by the experience of great professionals. Therefore, we are happy to share the hottest news and publications as well as our agenda and the success of our team members.

10 New Technologies


There’s always something new on the horizon, and we can’t help but wait and wonder what technological marvels are coming next.

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Mindfulness at Work


Mindfulness is the art of living in the present moment. Many of us go through life on autopilot. We focus too much on our thoughts and this can cause unhappiness.

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Inlea collaborates with Cisco Networking Academy Program at Rio de Janeiro


Inlea is collaborating with Cisco Networking Academy Program at Rio de Janeiro to give a job opportunity to several students who are part of Cisco Networking Academy Program there. All them studied in the last year Cisco’s ICND1 curricula and at this moment they are preparing their Certification Exam. During several weeks they have been […]

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Berlin’s 3 hidden museums


While museums like the Jewish Museum, Pergamon or the Topography of Terror might get most of the tourist attention. In these three hidden museums you’ll find fewer queues and crowds, and you’ll leave feeling informed and captivated. Ramones Museum The Ramones Museum is a museum dedicated to the American punk rock. While the Ramones are most closely associated […]

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Apps business travel

Best Apps for Keeping Business Travel Productive


 You’re a stranger in a strange land, and you’re here to get work done. These 10 apps take the sting out of business travel and help you keep up with business as usual.   Much like Google Drive, Dropbox allows you to keep an archive of documents and photos to share with others. Dropbox will […]

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5 Features of Blockchain Technology


Blockchain technology seems to be the buzzword of the day. Governments, entrepreneurs business people and banks, all have been paying attention and even allocating resources and investment to better understand and develop what sounds like the data structural holy grail of the future. Blockchains are distributed peer-to-peer networks that can have many different applications. Bitcoin […]

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ways to earn bitcoins

4 Ways to Earn Bitcoins


Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency in the world today. It is built using very complicated cryptographic principles, and supported by countless individuals and companies from all around the world. But, did you ever wonder how to earn Bitcoins? Nowadays, there are almost as many ways to earn bitcoin, as there are ways to earn any […]

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inlea networking

Meetings in Bay Area


During last week, part of our team was in the Bay Area, visiting customers and attending to several meetings. Meanwhile we were there, we organized two networking events with the collaboration of JDCounsel to enhance our circle of friends there! During these meetings, we explained all the exciting things that are happening in Barcelona right now as a tech hub […]

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job skills

4 job skills you will need to success in the future


Never has it been harder to predict the future for our jobs, as technological advances, an ageing workforce and the rise of the sharing economy cause new jobs to appear as fast as others vanish. Really quickly traditional career paths are changing from Jobs-for-life to more tan 11 jobs thought someone lives, even is appearing […]

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