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Barcelona: The best place to be if you’re into technology


Barcelona has many characteristics that are making it increasingly attractive for entrepreneurs and quickly positioning the city into a European startup & innovation city. It is also believe that Barcelona could be the next Silicon Valley. Compared to other European innovation hubs like London, Barcelona is affordable, making it a better location for young companies to […]

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Blockchain & Dubai


Dubai is known for being at the forefront of technological innovation. As one of the first governments to engage with blockchain, Dubai’s story is inspirational and can provide a road map to anyone interested in creating smart cities by transforming transactions with the distributed ledger technology. The journey began when blockchain was just a concept, and […]

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International Team Management


As companies continue to grow and expand their global workforce, managing and working with people from around the world is becoming the new reality. While international growth and team diversity may pose unique challenges, such as time-zone differences, cultural differences and communication differences, working in multicultural teams can also offer many rewards and benefits. To […]

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5 Most Annoying Things at Airports


We all love flying, right, but sometimes these annoying things can make the experience a little less pleasant or even a misery. Here are the 5 most annoying things in airports. 1. Checking in the luggage The journey has only just begun and your sweat glands have already burst due to the weight of your […]

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Online Interview Preparation


As more employers embrace video and Web-based technologies to conduct screening interviews with prospective job candidates, it becomes increasingly important for you to be prepared as you begin your job-search. From Inlea we want to give you some tips for how to prepare for your interview and how to succeed in it. Before Get the […]

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Project Management Challenges And Solutions


There are many qualities a good project manager must have, including the ability to plan projects in detail and assemble the right team for each job. However, many will argue that the most important trait is the ability to anticipate challenges and proactively and quickly find solutions to problems as they arise. Inlea has made […]

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Did you think Bitcoin was weird?


Generally speaking, most people around the world understand what currency, as well as credit and debt, are. However, some currency is certainly considered strange. Here are a list of the weirdest currencies in the world: Dogecoin Heard of Bitcoin? The open source currency of the Internet? Well it’s got a competitor – the Dogecoin.It’s a cryptocurrency, or Internet money, […]

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Things That Were Normal In The Past And We No Longer See At Airports


Air travel used to be a lot more expensive and exclusive before the industry was deregulated, and many airports therefore had a lot more amenities that were included in the cost of your pricey ticket. Of course, the events of 9/11 changed the design and operation of the airports, as did technology and health concerns. […]

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3 Innovative Tools For Teleworking


Thanks to the evolution of new technologies and the access to Internet, physical distance is no longer a problem to perform your working tasks. Teleworking has meant a revolution for companies, who can count with a great team deployed anywhere in the world, without having to worry about working space. If you’re one of them, you likely already […]

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