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Why we need AI and bots in project management


It seems to be a subject that a lot of people are talking about but very few actually know what’s going on or what is going to happen in the near future. So, we’ve decided to take a look at some ways that AI and bots will change project management: Taking over administrative tasks In […]

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IT during 2018


Yes, it’s that time of the year again. Another year gone by, which means another batch of predictions for the future. In our last post we predicted cyber security for this 2018. Now it’s time to talk about tech industry and what we can expect from it during this new year. Prediction 1: AI will […]

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Cybersecurity predictions for 2018


A new year always brings predictions. When it comes to cybersecurity, the over-arching prediction from experts is that threats will only get more complex. That means the security team will have to be even sharper than they were in 2017. Here’s a roundup of what a number of cyber security solution providers see for the […]

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Lets start 2018 happier, healthier and more productive


Now that 2018 has finally arrived, New Year’s resolutions have also arrived. Our proposal is to have a happier, healthier and more productive 2018. If yours is the same, check our guide to achieve them! HAPPY Start a Morning Routine When you start your day right, you become happier and more productive throughout your entire […]

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Cyber security predictions for 2018


2017 is ending, and it is time to check whether the cyber-security predictions we made last year were exact and we will try to figure out the events in the threat landscape that most of all will characterize the next 12 months. Cyber security resource shortage increases It is no secret that there is a […]

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How to recruit the best


Building a great team is high on the priority list for nearly every company. But employers no longer have the upper hand when hiring. Today’s most talented professionals have their choice, with companies fighting for their attention and services. Attracting that talent to your organization is a challenge that must be met head-on, in innovative […]

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Latest arrivals to our Worldwide Team


2018 is going to be full of success for everyone! We are closing our year with few new arrivals to our worldwide team! Susan Berado (USA). Susan joined our team in October as Product Marketing specialist for the Corporate Affairs Marketing team. She supports and implements new marketing strategies according to corporate guidelines. Philippe Landry (Canada). […]

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Millennials & Jobs


Millennials values are more practical than they are fun. While companies that offer video games and free snacks to employees may get airtime on social media, the ones that manage to meet the following five needs are the ones that really win with millennials. 1. They Expect Employer Benefits That Fit Match Their Values Millennials […]

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Cybersecurity: What you can do


While the Internet is a vast ground of opportunity, there are also a number of dangers lurking beyond the useful information and occasional cat video. Hackers, using an ever-growing variety of techniques, are working hard to steal the personal information and money of whomever they can. As 2017 is drawing to a close we here […]

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