What is Inbound Recruiting?


Inbound marketing is something that we have all heard of already. It utilizes different online strategies, blogs, social media, and SEO, to bring in new customers. Once a company has created great content, they can send that content out to different online platforms to bring new customers to their products or services. This can allow a company to enjoy huge profits and get their product out there in the best way possible.

The same strategy used for this style of marketing can also be used for recruiting now too. Since it is a more passive form of recruiting, it can help companies keep costs down that are associated with the normal outbound form of recruiting. Companies that are starting to adopt this recruiting process will be able to keep up with how potential employees are finding jobs.

Here are 4 inbound recruiting tips to help your company.

  1. Find your Ideal Candidate

Finding the right candidate for your company is what can drive your business forward and make it successful. Before you start creating different social media and blog posts about your company to attract prospective hires, you want to create something called a candidate persona. This allows the company to go in depth with the kind of candidate that they want to hire and list the necessary skills, experience, education, and career goals, just to name a few things.

After you have created these profiles, you can start doing some more research into the kind of candidates that you want to hire. You can talk with current team members and ask what they think they need in a new employee for the team, learn from candidates that have already applied, and review data from some of the best candidates that are in the field already.

  1. Target the Right Spaces Online

Since this method of recruiting is done all through the Internet, it’s important to know exactly what websites or apps your prospective hires are frequenting. Once you have a good idea of where you can find these new candidates, then you can start tailoring content towards them. If you’re looking for a software coder, it’s important to find just the right websites that they tend to flock to and create content specifically for that website.

Additionally, you should make sure that you also know where they are not frequenting. You wouldn’t want to create content for websites that a prospective employee doesn’t use and lose out on the opportunity to find the best candidate.

  1. Create your Content

Now that you’ve done your research, you can start creating the content you need to make for the roles you need to fill. You can start creating ads for the jobs you have available, and write as many blog posts as you can. Make sure that you utilize specific SEO-friendly keywords that will make your posts standout and show up first before the competition. You want to make your content as easy to find as possible, so that you can get the best future employees.

Furthermore, you can highlight different perks offered by your company through photo’s and videos of different events and team-building exercises that your company does. All of this will make your page look more inviting and bring more prospective candidates to you.

  1. Promote your Content

Once you’ve found the right places to put up your content and have created it, you can start promoting and pushing your content. It’s always important to keep creating and publishing content for the blog on your website. This is how you will keep attracting new candidates and bringing back the ones that you already are in contact with.