Tips for you hiring process


Tips for you hiring process

Hiring new talent is an inevitable and critical part of being a business leader, and it’s more complicated than just reviewing resumes and conducting interviews. There are many employer mistakes that might deter candidates, from poorly-crafted job descriptions to lack of communication about applications.

However, there are also a few steps you can take that might ease the process and encourage only the best applicants. Here are five tips to improve your hiring process.

Provide useful and specific details about open roles. When listing job duties, mention projects your new hire may undertake or teams they will work with. Distinguish between “must-have” and “nice-to-have” requirements so as not to discourage candidates who could learn secondary skills on the job. As a general rule, keep your list of “must-haves” to around 6 bullet points.

Shorten your application process. Most candidates quit lengthy application processes. Applications that can be filled out in less than five minutes attract more applicants. Ask candidates to upload their resume and cover letter and complete a few qualifying questions. Stick to simple and relevant questions and avoid asking for information you can find on resumes or online profiles.

Embrace digital trends and social media. Most people want to work for companies that keep up with the latest tech trends. Part of embracing the digital age means using public social media profiles for candidate research. Like most employers, you’ll probably do a standard background check on applicants, but the candidate’s social media profiles can offer more details about the individual as a person and an employee, for better or for worse.

While it’s legally risky to allow a candidate’s social media activity to factor into your hiring decisions, it can give you a better picture of someone you’re interested in hiring.

Really read the resume. When you read a great candidate’s resume, don’t just look for things that they have done that make them seem like they will do the job well. Look for information that can start a conversation:

What do they like to do for fun?

What have they achieved?

Is there something unusual that they have done?

Showing a candidate that you have taken the time to learn about them will put them at ease and help them open up.

Be open and honest. There isn’t anything that people appreciate more in the interview process than transparency. If you are open and honest, you will create a perception of your company that is priceless. Being transparent makes you seem like you value people and respect them enough to give them information.

And remember, good hiring processes aren’t found: they’re made!