Tips for an easy recruiting


Recruiting the right person for our team can be an extremely exhausting process. It is complicated to find the perfect talent that is also going to fit with our already existing team.

Also, today the market is as wide as the world, since we don’t always have to be limited by the place where our offices are physically placed, but we can also find extremely interesting candidates across the world and have them join our team remotely.

So how do we go through this searching and interviewing process without losing tremendous amounts of times and yet knowing that we are hiring the right person? Is there such thing as an “easy recruiting process?

Maybe not exactly easy, but if there is something that will make the process easier that is to already be attractive to the best candidates. By this we mean that, instead of focusing on “convincing” the best talents to join you, it is much better when they already know about your company and are eager to join it and work with you.

Here are some tricks you can pull to make this happen:

  1. Be “online” attractive

The first thing any candidate will do right after seeing a job offer, will be to do a quickly research online about our company. LinkedIn, website, presence, social networks, photos of the employees and our installations. That is why you want to be prepared and be ahead in the game. Do that research yourself and see what kind of image are you portraying? Does it correspond to the quality you want to provide, the level of clients and business you want to achieve and the kind of people you want to have in your team?

Then make some investment, and polish your website, have some good pictures taken of your offices and your staff and remember to post some pictures of your latest work events on social media, so your future employees can imagine themselves amongst your team.

  1. Offer a different kind of benefits

While it is true that everyone looks at the financial offer, it is also true that great professionals are looking for something else. They already are confident about how high their abilities can bring them, but if you offer them something extra, it will definitely catch their eye.

From daycare, to gym memberships, to travel credit or a weekend out. Think about the personality you want to join your team beyond their talent and try to imagine what that person would really want.

  1. Propose them an open interview

A great talent on paper might be a catastrophe in real life. So don’t only trust your gut and if possible, offer your candidate to join the team for a couple hours one day to see how they reach in the atmosphere, the kind of questions they ask, their level of connection with the team and how comfortable they (and you) would be if they ended up joining the team. If you like them and you are able to create a great experience for them, you will make them wish that was their actual first day.

So this is essentially a double tool: you actually get to see if the person is the right fit for your company, and you also get to tease them and make them actually “want you”.

  1. Recognize when you find a keeper and don’t let him or her go

The market is extremely competitive, and you want to make sure that once you find the perfect professional to be part of the team you have created, you actually get them.

So move fast and don’t let them scape. Make a strong offer and show them that you are solid, reliable and believe in their abilities and potential. Come strong and get the prize!