The skills more demanded in 2019 according to LinkedIn


The skills more demanded in 2019 according to LinkedIn

Currently LinkedIn is definitely one of our main sources of information when it comes to the demands and trends of the professional world.

LinkedIn can give us the temperature of what job offers are growing and therefore what does the market need. We can shape our future listening to those things that employers search for the most, so every year, the platform shares the searches and skills more valued by users when it comes to hiring for available positions.

It is extremely important to pay attention to these demands, because it will show us what skills should we look into developing more to make our profile more attractive and appear in more of those searches.

So far, what we know through the social media platform is that employers are looking for with professional with both soft skills and hard skills.

If you are not familiar with the terms, soft skills are those personal attributes that make us good interacting with people and essentially profile good team workers and communicative people.

The skills more demanded in 2019 according to LinkedIn

When it comes to those soft skills, recruiters are looking for people with:

  • Great time management. This means people that know how to organize themselves and how to look at a project needs time wise. It’s people that know how to pace themselves and use their energy to be the most efficient and productive.
  • Adaptability. This is an extremely important skill for companies hiring new people. Definitely you should bring new solutions and energy to the team, but it is important that you are good at quickly adapting to the work style and philosophy to help it become efficient without breaking through it abruptly.
  • Collaborative people. Team makers and team oriented people. Those that understand that the goal is to bring the project to success and don’t need to always shine because they know that as professionals they will shine through the results.
  • Persuasion. Companies are looking for people able to not only believe in the project, but also that will help clients believe in them too. Persuasion can be used both is selling areas and leadership roles. It is about communication and passion.
  • Creativity. Yes, companies are looking for inspirational people, those with resources to see solutions where everyone else sees problems. This is people that are always hungry for challenges and continuously interested on what is going on out there to learn and refine ideas to apply them in the projects they are involved.

When it comes to hard skills, the ones that are mostly based on actual professional skills that necessarily require some level of specific education, companies are looking for the following:

  • UX Design. Costumer experience was never as important as it is today. Companies know and they are looking for those experts.
  • People management. Solving conflicts, understanding different people’s psychology, and reading professionals. This is the time for that kind of education.
  • Analytical reasoning. With teams being bigger, mixed and sometimes remote, companies need those people with high level of analytical reasoning, that understand the problem quickly enough to analyze it and propose the right decision process that can definitely save the day.
  • Artificial Intelligence. Not much to say about this one. If you are not aware of the growing role of artificial intelligence in every area of today’s market, then you definitely need to start working on your skills.
  • Cloud Computing. This is a very specific skill that is highly demanded. More and more companies are looking for this kind of developers. If you have this skill strong in your resume, you definitely have a job waiting for you.