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At Inlea we specialize in finding and recruiting the best worldwide profiles from:

IT Business Development
IT Marketing
IT Technical profiles

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Studying in depth the client’s job description, we begin an intensive search using the best platforms and latest technology available, while also checking all high-profile forums where we can find the best professional to match the position, who will bring into your company the best skills.

Mobile Teams

We are industry leaders at creating remote and mobile teams. We know what we need to look for in a candidate besides their professional profile when our clients need to build up a mobile team or are looking for specific roles to join one to make sure that they will be 100% productive.


Thanks to the new global businesses, so we know that now more than ever we can’t let geography become an obstacle for success. If the right candidate lives in a different country, we make sure to help them with all the relocating process in USA, UK, Brazil, Russia, India and Spain, making it smooth and easy so the new employee can join your team as soon as possible.


Arriving to a new country or social contexts can be tough; to avoid any problems that can impact the results of new employees in their performance, we offer them a specific list of services to ease their adaptation process to their new life.

We also prepare the client’s team that is going to receive the new member before that person joins the office.


We are fully available for new employees during the first months at the new job, making sure that their performance and integration in our client’s project is as good as expected, including introduction of client’s culture, expectations, structure, processes, etc.


Knowing that your team is well trained, prepared, and updated on the latest technical tools will give you a huge peace of mind, and can define your company’s success. At Inlea we also offer managed services to train your staff and provide them with the latest software advances, system modifications and tools.


We continue onboarding and training services with a specific mentoring and guidance service for as long as your team find it necessary. Regular monthly meetings with an Inlea’s mentor helps employees to be aligned with client’s strategy and focus on its business objectives.

Our expertise for you

We are recruiting new resources in 26 countries

Mobile Teams
We’re specialist recruiting, relocating, landing and onboarding mobile teams. Since 2005, we have managed more than 300 mobile or remote workers

Turnkey delivery
The relocation, landing and onboarding services will be fully managed by us, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

We take care of the necessary training and mentoring of your new employee and make sure the new member of your team finds the fastest way to align with your company culture and goals.

Tailor Made Solutions

As much as we all know that it is hard to find and recruit the best professionals in the market, it is in fact even harder to have them join your team right when you need them.

At Inlea we want to make that hiring process as easy as possible for you and your company. That is why we not only offer a searching service, but we also provide other specific services that will help push your project to success.

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