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At Inlea we are specialized in developing your business internationally by designing and providing the best professionals team according to your needs.

Services we offer


In-House Teams

In-House Team is the hiring of a dedicated team for a specific client’s project. In-House Teams is a group with similar profiles and without an internal leader. The leadership is given by the client. The client incorporates the In-House Teams in the tasks and objectives requested. It usually has a common goal and they work as a team with distributed tasks and responsibilities. In-House Teams works in Inlea’s offices and/or in client’s sites because the members are usually living close to the office.

Remote Teams

A Remote Team is the hiring of a dedicated team for developing a certain project for a client. The members have similar or varied profiles without an internal leader. Remote Team follows the guidelines set by a client’s director who is in another location. Remote Team is trained be Inlea and the client. It works remotely from their homes or from co-working spaces. Inlea offers training to client’s managers to learn techniques and tips to align the dynamics of the Remote Team with the client’s company.

Autonomous Unit

An Autonomous Unit is a complementary and autonomous team working by objectives for a client. Autonomous Unit has one or more internal leaders reaching the client’s objectives. Autonomous Unit makes a proper client’s representation, adapt client’s guidelines in the local market and even modify the product or services to reach certain milestones, defined by the client. AAutonomous Unit is usually sited in a co-working space.



Cluster is a delegation developing and consolidating the client’s business, as well as the formalization of a subsidiary. Cluster has one or several leaders because it contains several units working independently. Cluster works autonomously focused on the objectives and reporting to the client. The Cluster performs an adequate representation, adapt client’s guidelines in the local market and, even, modify the products or services. Cluster starts working in a co-working space, although Inlea suggests having a physical space as soon as possible.

Less risk for your company Better team more success Cost effective service excellence 1 2 3 Having the correctly people in your team will save you the money of hiring employees that might not be the right fit for your company, and also not be as productive. When your team is well organized and updated, the chances of falling behind, and potentially failing, are much less. Our services work on getting the best of your team’s skills and abilities. Which will obviously have a greater impact in the success of your company.

Our expertise for you

We are recruiting new resources in 34 countries

Mobile Teams
We’re specialist recruiting, relocating, landing and onboarding mobile teams. Since 2005, we have managed more than 300 mobile or remote workers

Turnkey delivery
The relocation, landing and onboarding services will be fully managed by us, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

We take care of the necessary training and mentoring of your new employee and make sure the new member of your team finds the fastest way to align with your company culture and goals.

Tailor Made Solutions

As much as we all know that it is hard to find and recruit the best professionals in the market, it is in fact even harder to have them join your team right when you need them.

At Inlea we want to make that hiring process as easy as possible for you and your company. That is why we not only offer a searching service, but we also provide other specific services that will help push your project to success.

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