Organize your week and enjoy every task


Planning is the new big trend. If you haven’t notice through social media, every one is planning every single area of their life to the minute.

Planners are now hotter than ever, because probably options have never been larger and fun as they are right now. You can get fun planners with stickers and tons of accessories to personalize your agenda, or you can go for a more professional low key option but just as organized and effective as the colorful one.

Also now we have dozens of gadgets, apps and tools to carry our agenda with us all the time. So really, we don’t have an excuse to not have everything under control.

The results are actually very clear, people that choose to work on their planning and actually organize their lives (both personal and professional) are not only more productive, but also more relaxed and get to truly enjoy the different tasks and activities they have through the day.

So how can you join this movement? Here are some key elements of a well planned week.

  1. Schedule every thing in your calendar.

When we say everything, we really mean it. Schedule personal dates, school schedules, family visit, doctor’s appointments (yours and the ones that involve you in some way), work meetings, datelines, talks, seminars, classes… everything.

Why? Because your life is plural and everything affects everything, so make sure to have your planner right in hand and updated so you can avoid those inconvenient plans and situations in which you feel suffocated by a pile of things to do the same day that you have a family event.

  1. Set 3 main goals for everyday.

We are no superheroes, so there is always a chance that you might not really make it to do aaall the many things you want to achieve everyday.

To avoid some level of frustration and bad decisions in a rush, we recommend you to set 3 goals each day that would mean the main achievements for your day. And the rest just try to organize ahead some level of prioritization to make sure you tackle the most important things in your day.

  1. Plan your week ahead.

Some people might say to do this every month. As much as we believe that wouldn’t hurt, we believe that planning each week gives us some space and time of reaction but it is already close enough to know a lot of what is coming to our plate in the next few days.

Set a routine and sit every Sunday after dinner to take a look to your week, prioritize your tasks, cross-check with your emails, and maybe prepare for the confirmations you might need from other people to have your week fully planned.

  1. Create your own checklists

As we said before, make sure to plan out everything on every area of your life. This also means to create different checklists to easily see everything that still needs to be done.

Go through your personal appointments, house chores, errands, meetings, documents to prepare, deadlines… Once you have your checklists, trust us, you are going to enjoy going through them and just start crossing out things as you get them done. Definitely is that visual sense of achievement what becomes a strong motivator (and a productivity booster) to all of us planners.

  1. Plan your own recesses.

Because you will be able to plan your life and time so much, you will also be able to plan your chilling enjoying time, and therefore, making sure that you actually get to have it.

Disorganized people tend to overwork and stress much more than those that have their tasks prioritized and a clear scope of their day.

Now that you have read about all of the advantages of planning, start planning your time and enjoy the luxury of controlling your life.