Most important tips to retain talent


Most important tips to retain talent

Finding the right people for our teams is definitely not easy. The perfect employee is not only a great professional, but it is also a good team-worker and a motivated individual. That is why when we can catch that person we definitely don’t want to let them go.

But how do we retain that talented employee? It is only obvious that a professional like that is aware of his or her value and won’t be willing to settle for an employment where they are seeing an improvement and doesn’t offer an evolution in their careers. This kind of people are driven by the hunger of growing and learning more, their level of involvement in a project is related to the opportunities and the impact they see in said project.

So definitely don’t expect them to just adapt and hold on to their chairs for their dear life while they resign their selves to a mediocre job. If you want this people to stay and make your team and company grow, then you will have to show them that they can grow with you.

Here are our best tips to keep those people in your team.

Most important tips to retain talent

  1. Inspire them to be engaged with your project

This means to get your employees to be committed to the project to increase their level of productivity. But, how do we inspire that commitment?

One of the best ways to do that is to improve the level of communication at work. Sometimes people will feel like they are running and running and working hard but they don’t know what is happening, so they are not aware of the evolution, the plan and sometimes even the goal. That detaches them from the project and turns their job into a mechanic activity.

So our main tip is to keep everyone on the loop of what is happening and what their tasks are.

A good way to improve work communication is to use a digital platform to keep everyone easily updated on changes, new tasks that need to be done, and who is in charge of what, so they always know what has to be done and who to ask what if they need to.

  1. Show them that they can grow in the company and that their experience there is an opportunity to develop

As we said before, the best employees are those that are motivated and inspired to grow and be more, they want to be the best at what they love and work for that. But if they don’t feel like they can evolve and grow, they will see no motivation to stay there to give the best of them. So be open with them from the beginning about their opportunities to grow, notice their evolution and offer them tools to grow. If they feel you invest on them, they will invest their talent in your project.

Do so and you will see that some time and money investment will pay a long way and show in their productivity levels.

  1. Give them your feedback, and be open to receive theirs

Your employees want to hear from you, they want to know if they are doing right, they want to know what they can improve and they want to know that you are watching their efforts for the project. So devote time to let them know that you are aware of their work and become a mentor at times to share the things you know that can be improved.

At the same time, let them give you their feedback too, very often the people around us that are actually committed and aware of our project will easily see things we might not be able to see.

Also, let them bring to the table their previous experience and use it to solve situations that might be holding your company back in some way.

  1. Appreciate and recognize their victories and improvements

As we said before, motivated employees are here to grow and be the best at their job, that is what keeps them moving, so pay attention and as we said, give them your feedback on what and how can be improved, but also remember to share with them when you notice that they are really good at something or improving their performance in some areas. That will be like putting gasoline on their brains and will inspire them to keep on growing by making your project grow to.