Inlea – Supporting our teams success through programming training

04/10/2017 | Inlea | Inlea News


Remember when we talked about how programming has become an extremely sought out skill in the past few years and how scientists are seeing themselves forced to learn how to code in last Tuesday’s post?

Well, at Inlea we understand the importance of programming skills in the workplace, and we strive to support our team’s success, so we have decided to offer our Technical Managers, who work for Cisco, a 9 session course on the latest trends in programming that will be delivered by Leonard Janer, an expert in IS/IT, Security, IoT, Smart City, and Strategy and lecturer at Fundació Tecnocampus Mataró-Maresm.

The purpose of these training sessions is to introduce Python programming for Arduino and Raspberry Pi and programming environment in Packet Tracer for our team to be better prepared for the challenges they will face in their day to day work life.