How to nail it in a job interview


How to nail it in a job interview

When you are job hunting it is stressful not only to find the right offers for you, but also prepare for the upcoming interviews.

It is only normal to feel some level of stress when you get that first call or email scheduling you for an interview. Of course we all get happy and excited, but there is always a level of concern regarding the interview.

It is important to prepare to show your best face, but also to show your real experience and future expectations.

That is way it is important to know how to nail the job interview right there and make sure you give the first impression you need to give to get the job you desire.

When you are job hunting it is stressful not only to find the right offers for you, but also prepare for the upcoming interviews.

Here are our best tips to ace any job interview.

  1. Change your resume as needed to make it fit the job you are applying for.

By no means we want you to lie on your resume. Lying hasn’t helped anybody, but it is important to make sure that you highlight those aspects of your professional life and skills that adapt to the job you are applying for.

Make sure you begin your resume pointing out those skills and experience they said they were looking for in the job offer, so they see what they want at a first glance.

Remember, it is crucial to pass that first filter.

  1. Be prepared about them and about you.

What do we mean by this? Essentially make sure you study the company you are meeting with: their background, their product and their audience.

Also it is a great idea to prepare and collect some information about the specific person that is going to be interviewing you in case you have that name or you can research it. It will help you be more confident and balance the situation, since the other person will have in their hands all your information that came with your resume.

Also, don’t forget to prepare yourself. Refresh any past experience; maybe go through your previous projects to make sure you have everything fresh in your mind.

Of course, be mindful about your presentation, how you should be dressed, how do you bring your resume and the way you portray yourself for that first time meeting.

  1. Remark your experiences, whether they are strictly professional or not.

You are a value for the company in many different ways, so make sure that besides making your different professional y academic experiences shine, make sure you also show them the value of other personal experiences that can show other interesting values. From international experiences, volunteering or maybe crucial life experiences that shape you to the person (and professional) you are today.

  1. Show your passion.

Employers want to see that you care about getting that specific job, that you believe in the company and the potential, and that you are persistent and convinced not only of the fact that you want to work there, but on the many possible ways you believe you can become an asset for the company. So make sure you check your application, reach out and follow up any contact.

  1. Make Social Media your best reference.

Almost immediately that our resume passes the first filter, the recruiting person will check us out on social media. So make sure your LinkedIn page is on point and that everything that makes references to you on the Internet is the kind of things you want your future employer to see.

Follow interesting trends and people on them, show that you actually have a passion, and make it shine through everything connected to you.