How to create a Global team?


How to create a Global team?

Multinational organizations have had to learn quickly how to do business in a new way. Gone are the days of local monocultural teams working independently. Global teams are now the norm with employees from many cultures coming together virtually and physically to work towards a common goal.

While many organizations have quickly adopted global working, they have not all necessarily provided the support and training to ensure that global team working actually works. Read on and discover some top tips for creating a global team work.

  1. Be nimble and diverse

Having a team that has a diverse skill set and viewpoints are essential. Diversity aids team to tackle unforeseen problems globally with precision and quickness. You want people to look at problems at different angles. Yes, maybe not everyone will agree initially but a discussion on how to tackle problems will lead to a better result and possibly, lead to innovative ideas that no one had thought of. Being inclusive and having gender equality also provides a more collaborative and open environment.

Encouraging and truly embracing each team member’s different working styles will help the team not only to understand each other better but also help shape the culture of the team. Leading the likelihood, the team will be nimble against adversity and be sustainable as the company grows.

  1. Spend more time getting to know your target candidates

Understanding your target candidate persona is critical to finding the right talent globally. If it’s tough to find the ideal candidate within your own city or country, it’s exponentially harder when you go global.

It’s important to go through the process of working with hiring managers and teams to understand things like job requirements, desired soft and hard skills, and what level of experience and education a candidate will need to be successful. You should also pay attention to what these types of people want and value.

  1. We are all ‘us’

Working on a global team has its rewards and challenges, both for the colleagues involved and their organization. Thinking globally means thinking smarter. Making all members of a global team feel a part of that team, no matter where they are located makes all the difference. Everyone should be regarded as an ‘us’ and not a ‘them’.

  1. Don’t give task, give responsibility

Autonomy is considered one of the most important intrinsic motivation. By shifting the approach from task to responsibility, creates intrinsic motivation for the teams. Each global team contribution becomes accountable and distinguishable. Each team will focus on creation of strong competency to fulfil their responsibility. One of the key aspects of achieving this is building trust and believe.

  1. Live in the moment

New development and advancements occur in almost every field daily, from better leadership strategies or innovative apps that streamline teams better globally. Be current. Be proactive with team feedback.  Be transparent and accountable.

Be loyal and trustworthy. Take the time to acknowledge and celebrate success together. This is a mindset and culture that is relatable to all.  It is always about the team (even if you feel it is not) and how you are supportive of them in the now moment which can last forever.