How to be a mindful traveler


How to be a mindful traveler

Too many tourists today have terrible travel etiquette. They’re rude to locals, they’re disrespectful of traditional customs, and they leave the local environment in worse condition than when they arrived. It’s an unfortunate trend that we can all stop with just a few mindful travel tourist tips. So, before you head out the door do some research and come up with an ethical travel plan.

Respect the environment

Heavily trafficked areas tend to be littered with trash and other debris. Whether you’re vacationing at a beach destination or in a historical city, be sure to respect the local environment. Stay in eco-friendly hotels. Cut down on your carbon emissions by taking public transportation or renting a bike. Recycle all of your garbage. For beach mementos, take pictures and leave the seashells on the beach where they belong. All of these things make for a more mindful traveler.

How to be a mindful traveler

Melt into a place

Don’t be a tourist, be a local! Eat like local, spend time like they do, find their local insider spots. Adjust your timetable and daily routines to the place you are in. If the locals are starting day at 5 o’clock, maybe you should too. You may see experience things you never would if you just get up with the other tourists.

Do something good

Set a goal to do at least one good thing on every trip to take. To help somebody, you don’t have to give them money. Maybe take your time, and help some kids with English? Work for somebody? Use your knowledge, skill to make a good, positive change into the world. Research your destination in advance to see if there are organizations that you could offer your time, not just a donation.

How to be a mindful traveler

Improve communication

Traveling expands our worldview and exposes us to other cultures and perspectives. Even though it’s easier than ever to travel and learn about other cultures, we are struggling to communicate effectively. International relations are tense right now. As a mindful traveler, maybe you hope to improve communication and understanding among cultures you visit.

We can do this by understanding the customs of other cultures by studying their history. It’s also important to practice awareness of cultural biases existing in the country you come from and in the countries you visit. Simply displaying respect, openness, and understanding can go a long way. It’ll also help to learn a few common words and phrases in the native language of any country you visit.

Be grateful

Being grateful sounds like a perfect remedy for everyday problems. But really, especially while traveling – be grateful. Write down every little thing that amuses you, make a list of amazing things that happened to you during your journey. Make every day count!

To travel is a luxury, that not everyone can afford or even consider doing. If you have the luxury of either time to travel, the means to travel, the ability to travel before you have children or older parents to look after then do it, but be grateful that you can. And when you travel look for ways to truly enjoy and immerse yourself in it, and for ways to give back whilst doing so.

Being a mindful traveler takes some work. We hope these tips have helped you come up with some unique ways to do so.