How to find the perfect candidate?


how to find the perfect candidate

How to find the perfect candidate? Historically hiring someone was based in few aspects as who has best skills, experience and ability to match a job. But there is much more than that!

Since in Inlea we support our Worldwide Team members success we are sure that our selection processes are based on choosing the right person for the job we are offering: we hire exceptional employees who are major contributors to our / their success.

We look for candidates who fulfill these items:

How to find the perfect candidate?

Competent: Is our candidate ready for this position? Does he/she have the skills, experience, education for the tasks our client will need?

Capable: Will our candidate go further the tasks he/she will need to perform? We look for people who have the potential for growth in the position and the willingness to take on more responsibilities.

Compatible: As a lot of our positions are far away from our Headquarters, will the candidate be able to work from distances? And if the candidate needs to be inside a team, can this person get along with colleagues and our client?

Commit: Is the candidate willing to have a long term job? This is always a difficult question to ask but we want people ready to bring their careers a step further so… We look for long term relationships!

Culture: Every business and activity needs certain values, expectations, policies and procedures that influence the behavior of a leader and employees. And we look people who reflect our client and Inlea culture.

Perfect candidate is willing to join your company and we know how to find it!