Cyber Security: The job of the future (and present)


Cyber Security: The job of the future (and present)

Cyber security has been a hot topic in the IT and tech world for the last couple of years. As threats to the security of digital property have augmented both in the public and private sectors, there have been many discussions on how to improve cybersecurity in the present and make it better for the future.

The massive increase in cyber-attacks are making everybody nervous, so much so, that big majority of the job posting looking for cyber security specialist go unanswered. Even though there is such high demand for these jobs, they are difficult to fill since so much of the technology is evolving at a very rapid pace. This makes it increasingly more difficult for IT professionals to stay ahead of the curve.

Hackers on the other hand have it much easier at least for now. With the lack of IT professionals blocking the moves of the hackers, they have somewhat free reign over the internet and can keep pushing the bar further and further.

Despite this scary thought, more and more IT professionals are trying to catch up and get ahead of the curve. As more and more devices can join the world of Internet of Things, it’s important to make sure that cyber security measures are made more important now, and for the job growth to continue.

Here are some good reasons why cyber security is the job of the future as well as the present.

Cyber Security: The job of the future (and present)

  1. Data Breaches

Data breaches are on the rise. We hear about data breaches can cost companies billions of dollars. These companies are looking into better cybersecurity options, and for more professionals. Hiring IT professionals makes more sense for these companies and is better for everybody involved. By hiring more IT specialists, companies will be able to detect hackers and slow down or stop data breaches.

  1. Big salaries and high demand

With such an increase in cyber-attacks a growing demand for cyber security specialist has been steadily increasing.

This high demand has created a “skills gap” within the IT sector. Hundreds of job postings are not being answered every year and only increasing. Because of such high demand, the job of a cybersecurity professional is one of the most lucrative at the moment.

Furthermore, this high demand creates large salaries, since the frequency of attacks is increasing, more and more companies are trying to hire more IT specialists and are willing to pay a lot of money for them. As the demand increases, the salary will only increase.

  1. Increase of IoT devices

Devices that are connected to the Internet of Things are growing in popularity. This isn’t just happening at home, connected devices are increasing in the work place too. This increase in these kind of devices at work can increase the data breaches a company can have. It’s a result of this, IT specialists will be in bigger demand to make sure that these companies are safe.

This won’t affect just the present either. As we move forward to an even more connected society, more devices will come to the work place and more IT professionals will need to be hired in the future to protect their network.

  1. Creating more defenses

Since most of the cyber-attacks come from outside come from outside sources or even internally, it can be difficult to see when an attack is going to happen. By bringing in IT professionals early, they can set up defenses that can save the company and prepare he company in ways how to deal with a breach. This will give a boost of work for IT specialists in the present and guarantee that they will work in the future.