Big ideas to create your company culture?


A company’s culture can define its profile, its route and if you want it can also define the future and the ability to succeed.

The culture of your company is essentially the work philosophy that your team should follow, it defines the workflow, the communication system and the guidelines your employees should follow while performing their jobs.

Also the company culture that you decide to create will have an impact in how your employees will perceive their jobs and the feelings they will get by going to work everyday. That is why it is important that you choose to design a culture that fits the type of business you are, that will match with the profile or professionals you need and with your clients style, because your company culture will trespass the doors of your offices and will project a specific image about your company.

Nevertheless, the culture will affect directly the employees, to make sure that they enjoy their job and through that they augment their productivity.

So how can we create a strong and engaging company culture? Here are some good ideas to follow.

  1. Hire people that will fit with your team.

It only takes one wrong person to mess up a whole entire team. It is important that every new professional incorporating the team has a clear understanding about the work dynamic, the team vibes and the actual company culture. It is equally important that during the selection process we make an effort to find out whether or not the person we are interviewing has not only the right resume and experience but the right personality for our business environment.

Some companies even bring in the candidates to the work space to have them visualize the workflow and also observe through their reactions and questions to figure out whether they are the right candidates or not.

  1. Choose people that know about the company even before they join the team.

It makes huge difference when you have people that actually has a good response to the question “why do you want to work here?” that goes beyond the money, the growing potential or the benefits.

We want to choose people that are connected and engaged with the core of the company and that believes in the project, someone that will join the team with high energy and enthusiasm, believing in it and committing with it.

  1. Pay ears to everyone, the next great idea can come from anyone.

Yes, the bigger the company is, the more difficult this is, but it is still extremely important for your success and for a great company culture.

History has proven that sometimes the best ideas or solutions came from someone else that wasn’t originally the most important person in the office.

Give your employees the space and importance to feel comfortable sharing their ideas and solutions. Create maybe a system of communication that is open for proposals, involve your home team and don’t create a level based categorization, in which some team members are class A and some others are class B. Treat them equally so they know that their input is always welcome.

  1. Focus on creating a team, and not a group of employees.

Big companies currently describe themselves as a team and that is key and goes back to the whole company culture idea.

Why? Because again we are talking about creating a group of professionals with a common goal, a common way of understanding work and a common way of pushing towards that goal. That is a team.

So strive to create that best culture that will shape the awesome team you need.