How to attract best talent


Hiring the best people isn’t easy: There are a lot of resumes out there attached to a wide variety of skill sets and personalities. Your company, though, is looking for top-level talent: You need people with strong experience, training and drive, and you’re not afraid to try new things to bring them into the fold.

But how can you improve your methods to draw in the talent you need?

Try following these five tips for creating a desirable company culture:

1. Make sure you have top benefits and culture 

Today, top talent expect to receive top benefits and enjoy a healthy workplace culture in order to commit to working in any organization. Is your company offering generous paid parental leave, telecommuting, on-site catering, fitness, dry cleaning and car washing like the Silicon Valley giants? Do your employees feel encouraged, valued and invited to be their authentic, whole selves in your workplace?

2. Recognize your employees with awards

Most individuals have the need to be appreciated and recognized. If your company present internal company awards, make sure you drum up publicity for them in the media, trade publications and your own company website. When prospective employees read about the awards being given to your employees, they determine that you are a company that recognizes individuals for their achievements and are more likely to see you favourably and apply.

3. Be clear about qualifications and needs 

Be absolutely clear on the professional and personal qualities, qualifications, and expectations needed to fulfil the job. Highlight incentives and growth opportunities, as well as strategies and mentorship discussions for success and career development. Talented individuals strive for excellence: To do that they need to know the specifics required.

4. Promote talent from within and encourage internal mobility

When you have new job opportunities, make sure that internal talent considers them as well. For example, when conducting performance reviews, ask employees if they have talents they are not using in their current job and chat about roles that may further enhance those talents. This can prevent turnover and result in a promotion, transfer or reassignment and save you time and money.

5. Innovation

In my most recent companies they have started an “Innovation Lab”. As its name says, it’s a lab that is open to anyone who wants to join. It has been wildly popular and a huge selling point to new employees. The members ideate various projects that will improve the company, our community, benefit customers or simply show our thought leadership to the industry. The time involvement must be done during work hours.

These strategies will help your company gain an advantage when it comes to attracting top talent but they are just a start. What other tactics are you planning on using in 2018?

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