Are you sexy enough for talent?


Are you sexy enough for talent?

Don’t freak out over the title of this article just yet, bare with us. When we say sexy we mean professionally attractive. This means: are you the kind of employer that talented professionals find attractive?

And if so, what does that this mean? How do employers and companies attract the professionals that will help them reach the level of success they strive for?

Let’s break down this idea, and do some deep research to help you become sexy for the best people to make sure you build the best team possible to push your company all the way up to the stars.

The first thing to keep in mind though, is that in business like in life, not everyone is sexy for the same people, meaning that not because you are a great attractive employer, a talented person will always be the right fit for you, not at all.

There are cultural, social and ideological issues that might define whether or not someone might want to work for you beyond how great your company is with their employees.

So there is the first tip: focus to find the right foot for the crystal shoe, no matter how many people you might have with the same shoe number.

Obviously, everyone looks for a good salary that is above the average, good benefit packages, paid holidays etc. All that is a given when we are talking about good high profile companies.

But there is more than that to actually be a company where the bests would fight to get in.

Are you sexy enough for talent?

The best talents are looking for reliable companies, the ones that where they can feel safe that their job is not in a continue state of danger. New talents are looking for a great opportunity to develop themselves and all their abilities without continuously worrying whether or not they will lose their jobs tomorrow and so being able to fully focus on their job.

Talented professionals also look to be respected and empowered with the ability to make decisions so they feel that they are trusted and recognized by their talents and their skills.

This is crucial to attract those very interesting professionals, because talented people are aware of their talent, and we want to make sure that they know we can see that and we trust their criteria.

In that same line, it is only obvious that a talented person is not one that looks to just settle for a job for the rest of their life. If they are where they are is because they strived for it, they were ambitious and sacrificed what they needed to sacrifice to reach a good position, and they will keep on be ambitious. This is not bad for our company, but quite the opposite. It is important to value that and let them know that there is place in our company for them to grow professionally. This will also help them to feel involved as they will understand that it makes sense to invest more on our project and make it their own. Talented people definitely appreciates to feel involved in a common project rather than just feeling like their filling a vacant position.

Equally as important is the human environment, the fact that they feel comfortable with their team. In many cases this goes back to the recruiting process, and choosing professionals that have a common work culture. We might find super talented people, but that are very heterogeneous when it comes to their work process or philosophy. This might translate into having stressful inconveniences amongst the coworkers. So with every hiring process we recommend taking a look at the team that we already have and trying to find a person that would fit in while bringing new talent and skills to the table.